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With 15+ years of outdoors experience, dirt runs through my veins. When I was a child, often I would slip away with nothing more than a pack of matches and a kitchen knife to go on my "outdoor adventures". More than a decade and a half later I'm still here, with new adventures, a little nicer equipment, and a bit more wisdom.

WEW: Wood Sorrel

This week's wild edible is Wood Sorrel!-Wood sorrel is also known as Oxalis which translated means “sour”. This is due to the oxalic acid...

Quote: “Ultimate Goal”

A true outdoorsman.

Meme: Morpheus – Pokemon Go

Image source: i.imgflip.com/17ix8k.jpg Kids these days don't know what they're missing...  

Meme: Jeremy Wade Fishing

Image source: media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com Probably noodling too no doubt.  

WEW: Early Saxifrage

  This week's wild edible is Early Saxifrage!           Early Saxifrage goes by many names including Everlasting Lungwort, Sweet Wilson, Virginia Saxifrage, and Lettuce Saxifrage....

Michigan DNR Struggles to Contain Outbreak

Michigan DNR Having Trouble Containing Outbreak         Recently it has been confirmed that the Michigan Department of Natural Resources is having trouble...

Quote: “Distaste for Fishing”

~Photo credit: Vito Alfano Well it's a good thing I love fishing. Don't worry mom ;) 

Meme: Aroma Therapy

Image source: Pinterest.com   The only aroma therapy real men need.     

WEW: Indian Cucumber Root

  This week's wild edible is Indian Cucumber Root!           Many people mistakenly call Indian cucumber root wild cucumber. In reality, it's not a cucumber...

WEW: Hen of the Woods (Maitake)

  This week's wild edible is Maitake aka Hen of the Woods!           Hen of the woods is a top choice mushroom for...