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All of my life has been focused on the outdoors. From the days of fishing with my father when I was young, to learning more advanced outdoor skills through the Boy Scouts of America; you could say the outdoors is pretty much my life blood. I enjoy a wide range of activities including camping, survival, fishing, hunting, and bushcraft. I have spent most of my life learning these skills and now I want to pass on my knowledge and hopefully learn even more in return.
Best hunting backpack for you

How To Choose The Best Hunting Backpack For You

The premise of a backpack is simple, carry more stuff more comfortably than carrying it in your arms. When it comes to choosing the...
Best hunting blind review

How To Buy The Best Hunting Blind For You

Up until recently hunting involved the thrill of sitting and waiting, afraid to make a single move for fear you could potentially scare off...
Best rangefinders for hunting

How To Choose The Best Rangefinders For Hunting

Have you ever been hunting, and was unsure of whether or not to take a shot because you didn’t know the distance to the...

How To Choose The Best Hunting Boots

                If you want to perform the best you can in the field, you need to take care...
How to build the perfect campfire

How To Build The Perfect Campfire

When you hear the term camping, what comes to mind? For me: The image of camping I get is sitting in the dark, watching the flames...
Complete beginner's guide to bass fishing header image

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Bass Fishing

Summer is in full swing and so the most natural thing to do now is go fishing! Bass fishing is an exciting time. Bass...
Tips to prepare during the off season header image

Use the off Season to Prepare for Deer Season

        Summer is almost here and deer season is long behind you. Now is the time to relax, hang out around...

Quote: “In Spite Of Real Sorrows”

~Photo credit: Pixabay In the forest is where I find my escape from everyday life. 
Fathers day 2017 header and featured image

10 Awesome Fathers Day Gift Ideas For The Outdoor Dad

        Fathers day is fast approaching. This often means an awesome gift for dear ol' dad.  So the question is what...
5 Natural Tinder Sources header

5 Natural Tinder Sources for Your Next Campfire

        Imagine getting to camp, setting everything set up and ready to go. It's time to eat and unfortunately for you, your...