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All of my life has been focused on the outdoors. From the days of fishing with my father when I was young, to learning more advanced outdoor skills through the Boy Scouts of America; you could say the outdoors is pretty much my life blood. I enjoy a wide range of activities including camping, survival, fishing, hunting, and bushcraft. I have spent most of my life learning these skills and now I want to pass on my knowledge and hopefully learn even more in return.
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Complete Beginners Guide To Spin Fishing For Trout

Trout are among the best fish a person can fish for. You don't need a boat, a depth finder, a fancy radar, or any...

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After all this rain, this seems very appropriate    
Gander Mountain Store From Outside

Gander Mountain Bought At Auction By Camping World

Photo credit - Gander Mountain Facebook Page         Back in March, Gander Mountain filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in an article reported...
Pick a survival knife

Survival and Bushcraft Knives How To Pick one

A debate that’s old as time itself it seems. How do you pick the best survival knife? What is the best survival knife? According...
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A Quick Guide To Turkey Anatomy and Shot Placement

        If you have ever hunted turkey with a bow or are considering bow hunting turkey, it can prove to be...
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5 Essential Items Every Hunter Should Have

Every year hunters go into the woods in search of adventure and food to feed their families. However, life is cruel and sometimes you...
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10 Things You Need To Take Bank Fishing

When going fishing, regardless if you are a novice or a professional, there are 10 items every fisherman should include in his kit or...