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A collection of manly content designed to inspire, entertain, and inform even the most rugged of outdoorsmen. New content posted Monday through Thursday!

Meme: Jeremy Wade Fishing

Image source: media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com Probably noodling too no doubt.  

WEW: Early Saxifrage

  This week's wild edible is Early Saxifrage!           Early Saxifrage goes by many names including Everlasting Lungwort, Sweet Wilson, Virginia Saxifrage, and Lettuce Saxifrage....

Quote: “Distaste for Fishing”

~Photo credit: Vito Alfano Well it's a good thing I love fishing. Don't worry mom ;) 

Meme: Aroma Therapy

Image source: Pinterest.com   The only aroma therapy real men need.     

WEW: Indian Cucumber Root

  This week's wild edible is Indian Cucumber Root!           Many people mistakenly call Indian cucumber root wild cucumber. In reality, it's not a cucumber...

WEW: Hen of the Woods (Maitake)

  This week's wild edible is Maitake aka Hen of the Woods!           Hen of the woods is a top choice mushroom for...

Quote: “Scientific Accomplishments”

~Photo credit: Nathan Anderson Some things can't or shouldn't be replicated by science.

Meme: Lake Leave-Me-Alone

Image source: Imgflip.com   This is the real reason I go outdoors...    

WEW: Wild Violet

  This week's wild edible is Wild Violet!           You've probably walked past this attractive little plant without even noticing it or thinking...

Quote: “Permanent Home”

~Photo credit: Jonathan Pendleton Maybe one day the rest of civilization will come to realize this.