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A collection of manly content designed to inspire, entertain, and inform even the most rugged of outdoorsmen. New content posted Monday through Thursday!

Quote: “Distaste for Fishing”

~Photo credit: Vito Alfano Well it's a good thing I love fishing. Don't worry mom ;) 

Meme: Aroma Therapy

Image source: Pinterest.com   The only aroma therapy real men need.     

Quote: “Scientific Accomplishments”

~Photo credit: Nathan Anderson Some things can't or shouldn't be replicated by science.

Meme: Lake Leave-Me-Alone

Image source: Imgflip.com   This is the real reason I go outdoors...    

Quote: “Permanent Home”

~Photo credit: Jonathan Pendleton Maybe one day the rest of civilization will come to realize this.

Meme: Sometimes I wonder…

After all this rain, this seems very appropriate    

Quote: “Nothing Uselessly”

The key to survival isn't to fight against nature, it's to figure out what she's doing and why she's doing it.

Meme: More Than Fishing

This is fairly accurate lol.   Image sourced from pinterest.com

Quote: “Best Time to Go Fishing”

A great quote by Robert Travers that sums up how the majority of us outdoorsman feel....unless it's bow season.   Photo source  - Pixabay.com

Meme: Jake From Statefarm

It's alright....its just Jake.   Image sourced from pensacolafishingforum.com