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Meme: Sometimes I wonder…

After all this rain, this seems very appropriate    

Meme: More Than Fishing

This is fairly accurate lol.   Image sourced from

Meme: Jake From Statefarm

It's alright....its just Jake.   Image sourced from

Meme: Camo Condom

I love camo as much as the next guy, but cmon.....Seriously? lol   Image sourced from

Meme: All the Tackle

Yeah...That's how it usually goes lol.   Image sourced from

Meme: Killer Camping Trip!

We all know at least one....

Meme: Hunting Parent

We all know at least one....

Meme: One Vote Short

We all know at least one....

Meme: Clearance Hunting Gear

This is me come February lol.

Meme: Spongebob Waiting

Haha, so true....