Famous quotes pertaining to nature, outdoors, and survival to provide you with inspiration and understanding. Feel free to share with your friends, family, or anywhere else!

Quote: “Permanent Home”

~Photo credit: Jonathan Pendleton Maybe one day the rest of civilization will come to realize this.

Quote: “Nothing Uselessly”

The key to survival isn't to fight against nature, it's to figure out what she's doing and why she's doing it.

Quote: “Best Time to Go Fishing”

A great quote by Robert Travers that sums up how the majority of us outdoorsman feel....unless it's bow season.   Photo source  - Pixabay.com

Quote: “One Master”

A lesson on masters from a master.   Photo by Ashley Rowe.

Quote: “Fishing Was Good”

Any day spend with rod and tackle in hand is a good day.   Photo by Boriskin Vladislav.

Quote: “I Don’t Apologize”

The more you know....

Quote: “Hunting Forces”

The more you know....

Quote: “More Than Fish”

The more you know....

Quote: “Important Things”

Guess that means more fish for us!

Quote: “Moon Howls”

You don't get the fortune of experiencing nights like that in the city....