Teenages fishing as high schools adopt fishing as a sport

Photo credit - NPS.Gov

        Fishing is becoming a high school sport according to CBS Minnesota. According to the article, this great outdoor activity has really caught on through out the state. The great thing about this is that there isn't a mass marketing scheme going on to recruit kids. The kids are recruiting other kids, proving that fishing is popular and fun. 

        However, Minnesota is not the first or only state to do this.  Illinois was actually one of the first states to introduce high school fishing as an approved athletic program and currently has more than 200 schools that compete within the state. In addition, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Texas have also started high school fishing programs as well. Currently, Missouri is also trying to get fishing recognized as a high school sport. This is great news for our youth.

        As a kid I was always outdoors. I was involved in a wide range of activities including camping, hiking, fishing, and hunting. Through high school I did a lot of fishing and always found it to be an enjoyable experience. Fishing was relaxing and allowed my mind to unwind. Allowing your brain to relax is especially important in today's society. Today, kids are consumed with technology. Most kids today are not really encouraged to even go outside. They're more content to play on their phones, play video games, or watch Netflix.

        Because of the sedentary lifestyle most children have adapted today, we have a serious health epidemic on our doorstep. Record highs of children being diagnosed with depression, anxiety, ADHD, and insomnia have been reported, as well as explosive rates in obesity and childhood diabetes. Our youth is becoming "zombified". So when I see schools stepping up and taking the initiative, it really gives me hope. On top of the health benefits, fishing has a lot of other great things to offer our youth as well.

       One of the many great things about fishing is that fishing is for everyone. With most high school sports you have to have some kind of talent or athletic ability to be on a school team. This I feel, discourages a lot of students from getting out there and trying out or participating. Fishing however, is different. While there is definitely some skill required, anyone can learn to cast.

         One of the greatest key aspects of fishing is knowledge. What do fish eat? When do they eat? When do they spawn? Having the knowledge of fish biology and psychology is critical to becoming a great fisherman. Part of becoming a functioning member of society is having knowledge, creativity, problem solving, and a drive to get out and try new things. Fishing I believe, will teach and enhance those skills. 

        What do you think? Do you think fishing clubs in our schools is a good or bad thing? Let us know down in the comments and let's get this conversation rolling. 


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