A tent sits alone in the wilderness for camping

        Camping is one of the best pastimes you can participate in. It wasn't long ago that camping was more than just a recreational activity. However, in today's world, camping is an awesome and exciting experience. Roasting marshmallows on a campfire, laying out under the stars, discovering new places in your own backyard. These are just a few of the many reasons to go camping. Camping is a fantastic experience and has a multitude of benefits to help us in our modern time. 

Reconnect With Nature

        Reconnecting with nature is important. Humans spent thousands of years outside. Even with the hustle and bustle of modern day life, it is still deeply ingrained in our biology. Connecting with nature allows you to truly appreciate the wilderness and all of the wonderful sights it has to behold.


Discover and hone useful skills 

        With the convenience of modern technology, many of us have either forgotten (or never learned) many of the core skills of our ancestors. However, some of these skills can still be important in an emergency or for every day life. One important skill camping has taught me is the importance of knot tying. Now I use different knots throughout my daily routines. 


Camping is super healthy for you

        If there is one solid reason to go camping, it’s this one: Camping in the wilderness has a profound effect on our mind and body. One of the biggest reasons for this is our detachment from electronics. Go to any remote campground and I’m willing to bet cell signal won’t be a thing. Studies show that prolonged exposure and excessive use of electronics leads to many health problems.

        Detaching yourself from electronics can help your health in a number of ways. One of the major ones being resetting your circadian rhythms. Artificial light from electronics throw this off big time. Spend a few days camping and you’ll likely  find yourself awaking with the rising sun and going to sleep soon after sunset.

        Also spending time outdoors in the sunshine will help to increase Vitamin D production. Vitamin D helps with bone strength, strengthens the immune system, and also aides in helping skin disorders.

        Camping also helps to boost endorphins in your brain. This stems from the physical activities camping requires. Endorphins are naturals stress and pain relievers, meaning you’ll be more relaxed and happy while camping.


Campers Sitting around a campfire

Campfire Communication

        Despite what some of us might think, humans are very communal creatures. We desire human connection and communication. Humans and fire is a story as old as man himself. Up until recently, fire was one of the most important parts of our lives. It provided warmth, a way to cook food, light, and protection from large predators. Today it’s connection with us can still be felt in the form of our campfires. It is this connection mixed with our detachment from modern technology that really allows us to connect as human beings around the campfire and create strong memories that will last a lifetime.


Find Your Quiet Time

        It seems in this day and age, modern life and technology keeps us from ever really blocking things out and truly being in tune with ourselves. Thanks to the wonder of camping and nature, that is easily fixed. Enjoy quiet time by the campfire, kayaking on a secluded lake, or just hiking a wilderness trail. Leave the worries of modern life at home and really focus on the sights and sounds of nature around you.


Great view of campers sitting around a fire with the visible milky way in the background

Camping In The Wilderness Is Awesome For Stargazing

        Camping in the remote wilderness you will see some of the blackest nights you could imagine. But in that darkness stars begin to dance and come alive. Light pollution from the city can make it hard or even impossible to see stars. In the wilderness you don't have that problem. My first time to Dolly Sods Wilderness Area in WV I was amazed by all the stars I could see. It was like an ocean shimmering with diamonds. It was incredible and definitely a memory I’ll never forget.


You Get To Cook With Fire

        If you think cooking is boring, you should try it on a campfire. It is a much better experience and you get to use fire. Who doesn’t love that? Also you will find food cooked on an open flame tastes much better than food cooked on a regular stove.


Camping Is Affordable

        Last but not least camping is pretty affordable even if you travel long distances to do so. Investing in decent gear that will last you many years is one of the largest parts you will need to invest money in. The good thing is you only have to buy gear once in a while. You will also need some food but luckily for us, the internet provides many cheap camping friendly recipes.

        Also campgrounds do tend to charge a small fee per night. However, once you have the gear you can easily go camping a few times a year for less than the cost of admission to a large amusement park, and you’ll get a much better and more memorable experience as well.



        Camping is awesome and there are even more reasons to go than just these. Do you have a favorite camping memory? We would love to hear them! Leave your best story in the comments.

All of my life has been focused on the outdoors. From the days of fishing with my father when I was young, to learning more advanced outdoor skills through the Boy Scouts of America; you could say the outdoors is pretty much my life blood. I enjoy a wide range of activities including camping, survival, fishing, hunting, and bushcraft. I have spent most of my life learning these skills and now I want to pass on my knowledge and hopefully learn even more in return.


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