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With 15+ years of outdoors experience, dirt runs through my veins. When I was a child, often I would slip away with nothing more than a pack of matches and a kitchen knife to go on my "outdoor adventures". More than a decade and a half later I'm still here, with new adventures, a little nicer equipment, and a bit more wisdom.
Fire burning

4 Steps To Start A Fire In The Rain

Fire is paramount to survival. It allows you to control your core body temperature. Use our guide to learn how to start a fire in the rain.
Fundamentals of bow hunting

Fundamentals of Bow Hunting

Introduction       Bowhunting is one of the first forms of projectile hunting in history. The invention of the bow vastly changed the way our ancestors...
Gray squirrel in a tree

Fundamentals of Squirrel Hunting

Introduction       Many people believe squirrel hunting is a kids sport. It’s even a lot of people’s first hunting experience. But if you go about...
Side view of male turkey

Finding the Best Budget Turkey Load

Turkey hunting isn't necessarily tough. Scout for signs, get into position before sunrise, know a few basic calls and that's pretty much the basics...
5 tips for beginner turkey hunting

5 Turkey Hunting Tips Every Beginner Should Know

Image sourced and modified from: The USFWS         Turkey hunting can be tough. Especially if you're new to the chase. I've spent my fair...
5 best deer hunting tips

5 Deer Hunting Tips: Fact or Fiction?

       We’ve all heard of one or two special tips or techniques to do before a big hunt, on a big hunt, etc... For...
Lit match against black backdrop

Fundamentals of Wilderness Survival

Introduction       Every year hundreds of people get lost in the wilderness. Many end up in dangerous situations that could have been avoided. Some unlucky...
fatwood chunk zoomed in

The Ultimate Fatwood Hunting Guide

      Fatwood goes by many names including lighter wood, pine knot, lighter'd wood, and fat lighter. For those of you who aren't familiar with...
Canada geese flying

Fundamentals of Canada Goose Hunting

Introduction       Waterfowling is a great American pastime. Most people think of duck hunting when the term waterfowling is tossed about, but the Canada goose...
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