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With 15+ years of outdoors experience, dirt runs through my veins. When I was a child, often I would slip away with nothing more than a pack of matches and a kitchen knife to go on my "outdoor adventures". More than a decade and a half later I'm still here, with new adventures, a little nicer equipment, and a bit more wisdom.

WEW: Wood Sorrel

This week's wild edible is Wood Sorrel!-Wood sorrel is also known as Oxalis which translated means “sour”. This is due to the oxalic acid...

WEW: Early Saxifrage

  This week's wild edible is Early Saxifrage!           Early Saxifrage goes by many names including Everlasting Lungwort, Sweet Wilson, Virginia Saxifrage, and Lettuce Saxifrage....

WEW: Indian Cucumber Root

  This week's wild edible is Indian Cucumber Root!           Many people mistakenly call Indian cucumber root wild cucumber. In reality, it's not a cucumber...

WEW: Hen of the Woods (Maitake)

  This week's wild edible is Maitake aka Hen of the Woods!           Hen of the woods is a top choice mushroom for...

WEW: Wild Violet

  This week's wild edible is Wild Violet!           You've probably walked past this attractive little plant without even noticing it or thinking...

Hatfield SGL Survival/Pack Gun Modification

        Recently I bought one of the cheap $99 single shot shotguns from good ol' wally world. That shotgun was the...

WEW: Hairy Bittercress

  This week's wild edible is Hairy Bittercress!           This tiny wild edible plant is among some the first wild edible greens to start showing their...

WEW: Dandelion

  This week's wild edible is Dandelion!           Ah, at last, we come to the notorious dandelion. This is one of the most...

WEW: Persian Speedwell

  This week's wild edible is Persian Speedwell! AKA: Bird's Eye Speedwell, Birdeye Speedwell, and Winter Speedwell           Persian speedwell is quite the little weed....

WEW: Henbit

  This week's wild edible is Henbit!           This plant can be found in alot of the same places as dead-nettle, in fact, they...