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I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say:

Camping in a tent sucks.

If you found this article I am assuming you are tired of tent camping. Tents are great but they come with a long list of pains. Three things I personally dislike about tents are trying to find a place to set up, actually setting up the tent, and trying to sleep in one.

Sleeping in a tent can be a nightmare.

You go to sleep in a cool box, find out you missed an oddly placed rock or branch and wake up in a sauna as soon as the sun rises. If you haven’t experienced these issues consider yourself lucky. For the rest of us, there are hammocks.

If you’re looking to switch from to tent to hammock camping you’re in the right place. Below I offer 5 quality hammocks that are great for camping and have also included buying advice so you’ll know exactly what to look for.

If you’re ready to make the switch from painful tent camping to awesome hammock camping all you have to do is read on...

Best Hammocks For Camping

HammockQualityOur Rating
Bear Butt Double HammockA+
Wise Owl Outfitter HammockA
Kammok Roo HammockB+
Eno DoubleNest HammockA
Grant Trunk Ultralight HammockB

Bear Butt Double Hammock Review

The Bear Butt Double Hammock is a decent hammock for the beginning hammock camper.

Currently, the company is marketing the hammock as large and strong enough to potentially hold a grizzly bear.

While I have my doubts about that company does stand behind their “Way Too Easy Money Back promise”.

The Bear Butt Promise allows you to receive a refund anytime you aren’t absolutely satisfied with your purchase. They won’t even ask for the original back. If that doesn’t scream excellent customer service I don’t know what does.

The sleeping area of the Bear Butt Double is 10’x6’ and is legally rated for 500 pounds. Though the company claims it has tested as much as 900 pounds. This means two large individuals should be able to share the hammock quite comfortably.

The fabric of this hammock is made from 75D Nylon Taffeta fabric and has a high stitch count like high thread count sheets making the hammock extremely comfortable and durable. With this hammock, you’ll get the hammock, carabiners, and straps. All the gear weighs in at less than 2 pounds. Making it great campers and even short backpacking trips.

One last thing I would like to cover is not only are these hammocks made in the US, Bear Butt is also a huge supporter of our troops and offer a 15% discount on all products and purchases for those who sign up for the military discount.


  • Made in USA and supports military discounts
  • Extra durable
  • Awesome money back promise
  • Affordable


  • Some quality control issues - But can be fixed by their money back promise

Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock Review

Wise Owl is a company that was founded by an outdoorsy family and they want you to have the same great outdoors experience.

Both the single and the double hammock are made from a comfortable extra-soft 210T parachute nylon. This is the same material that skydivers use.

The company has compared their hammocks to others on the market including ENO and guarantees their hammocks are just as strong and comfortable.

If you choose to go with the single hammock you will find a sleeping area of 4.5 feet by 9 feet.

The double hammock increases the sleeping space to 10 feet by 6.5 feet. Making it comfortable for two people to cozy up in, However, expect the double to weigh a little more due to the additional material. Both models will support up to 400 pounds of weight.

If you’re like me you don’t like having to buy extra pieces when you buy a product you just expect it to come with everything right in the box. Wise Owl has done just that by including everything you’ll need to hang your hammock.

The hammock includes carabiners, eight-foot nautical grade straps, and an integrated stuff sack. Because the stuff sack is attached directly to the hammock it means you won’t lose it. Also because the stuff sack is in the middle of the hammock it makes the hammock extremely easy to tear down and stow away.

You’ll also receive a set of instructions on how to properly hang the hammock if it is your first time. Instructions can also be found on Wise Owl’s site in case you lose the included ones.

Overall this is a great hammock for beginners and experienced hammock campers alike. The hammock is durable, lightweight, and most importantly affordable.


  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Hardware included


  • Slightly heavier than other hammocks in its class

Kammok Roo Hammock Review

Another Kickstarter project, Kammok claims itself as the world's best camping hammock.

The Kammok roo offers a spacious, durable, and comfortable hammock to back up its claims.

The Kammok Roo is functional. Stylish, and well made. When you pick up this hammock the first thing you’ll notice is the softness of the material.

Made from triple stitched Lunarwave ripstop nylon this hammock is not only comfortable but also capable of supporting up to 500 pounds of weight. You may also notice the weight as the Hammock Roo weighs in at 23 ounces.

The hammock is also extremely roomy with a sleeping area of 10- x 5.5 feet. Making it great for two people to cozy up in quite easily. Kammok has made the Roo extremely easy to hang. Simply find two trees and string it up. Once the hammock is in the air the material conforms to your body. Making it extremely comfortable.

However, one thing I need to mention is unless you plan to spend a large amount of time looking for the perfect space between two trees you really need to consider picking up a pair of the company’s Python straps.

The Python straps are 10-foot long daisy-chain suspensions straps that each feature 18 attachment points that are the pinnacle of flexibility. It seems to me that the company would just include these straps since it’s almost mandatory to buy them. Thus raising the market price.

Overall if you’re looking for a fun and simple hammock for camping the Kammok Roo is a great choice. It is also easily upgradable if you plan to spend time camping in harsher weather.


  • Plenty of room
  • Extremely durable
  • Easily upgradeable for 4 season camping


  • Pretty heavy
  • Need to purchase python or other hammock straps

Eno Doublenest Hammock Review

A hammock that has stood the test of time. The Eno Doublenest is a hammock that is loved by many.

In fact, many backpackers have ditched their tent setups for this hammock and it’s easy to see why.

The Eno Doublenest is a spacious, well constructed, and easy to set up hammock.

Eno includes lightweight aluminum carabiners attached to each end and all you have to do is find two trees that are far enough part and wrap some rope around them. Easy peasy.

However, if you’re knot tying skills aren’t all that great Eno offers the Atlas Hammock Suspension system that makes hanging your Doublenest a walk in the park.

The suspension system is a 9-foot strap with a series of loops. Run the strap around the tree through the loop on the other end and attach to the carabiner. These are a great choice for beginning or casual hammock campers.

The Doublenest offers a sleeping area of 9-foot x 6-foot making it roomy enough for 2 people or giving you ample space if you’re lounging alone. It also has a supported weight limit of 400 pounds.

Made from 70D High Tenacity Nylon Taffeta with triple stitching and nautical grade line the Eno Doublenest is very durable. Because of the quality of materials, you can expect this hammock to really hold up to the wear and tear that camping tends to bring.

The Eno Doublenest also includes an integrated stuff sack so storing it is a breeze. Teardown is simple and can be done in a few moments. Simply stuff the hammock in the stuff sack and clip it to your backpack.

Overall this hammock is an excellent choice for beginning campers. The hammock is lightweight, easy to setup and teardown, and easy to store. Rather you’re camping, going for a day hike, or just lounging by the lake the Eno Doublenest is a solid reliable hammock.


  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy setup and teardown


  • Suspension straps not included

Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock Review

The Grand Trunk Ultralight hammock is an entry level hammock that is perfect for the skeptical first-time hammock camper. It’s also a great choice for anyone on a tight budget.

Because it’s an entry level hammock you will find that the Grand Trunk Ultralight doesn’t come with straps so you’ll need to purchase a suspension system separately. However, it does come with nautical grade carabiners. This is an improvement over the S hooks older models came with.

The hammock goes up in no time and ease of setup will ultimately be determined by the suspension system you choose to purchase. You can use a rope if you take the time to learn a few simple knots.

The Grand Trunk Ultralight is 9.5 feet by 4.5 feet wide so it’s pretty roomy. The extra room also aides in comfort. Grand Trunk has also upgraded the polyester fabric in older models to the King Rhombic RipStop fabric that is quite soft and comfortable. You’ll be surprised at just how comfortable this hammock can actually be.

As the name implies this is an ultralight hammock, weighing in at just over 12 ounces. Making it even lighter than the Eno DoubleNest above. While I wouldn’t recommend this hammock for extended backpacking trips it is perfectly acceptable for a weekend trip no problem.

Overall this hammock is a great buy and a great starter hammock for anyone interested in trying hammock camping.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Significant improvements over older models
  • Durable
  • Very lightweight


  • No suspension system included

What You Need To Know About Hammocks

Single Hammock Vs. Double Hammock

The first thing you need to know is hammocks typically come in two sizes. A single or a double. However just because a hammock says single or double does not mean all single hammocks or all double hammocks are the same width. Width will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and even model to model.

Single hammocks have a width in the 4 - 5-foot range and often weigh less than their double counterpart due to using less material. This will be a major consideration for backpackers who are counting every ounce. Single hammocks have a supported weight range of 250 - 400 pounds with ultralight models being at the lower end.

Double hammocks have a width in the 5 - 6-foot range and provide more surface area for sleeping. However, you will be trading room for weight. Yes, you’ll have more room but the hammock will also weigh more. If you’re just going on an overnight or weekend camping trip double hammocks are great.


When trying to determine the quality of a hammock one feature you will want to look at is the denier number. This is a rating that measures the quality of the fabric. You want to look for hammocks with a higher denier number.

Ultralight models typically have a low denier number which means they will wear out quicker with rough use. On the other hand, you will find hammocks with higher denier numbers often weigh more.

Suspension System

The suspension system of a hammock includes carabiners that have a sufficient strength rating and straps. However, most hammock manufacturers don’t typically include hammock straps and will need to be purchased separately.

When choosing straps for your hammock you want to make sure you choose a strap with a width of at least .75”. Anything smaller and you risk the straps cutting into and damaging the tree.

Hammock Accessories

There are a number of accessories you can pick up for your hammock. Straps are only one accessory that can be purchased for use with a hammock. Two essential accessories I would advise you to pick up include a tarp and an underquilt.


One problem with hanging is that air will circulate under you and cause your backside to become rather chilly. Even in a sleeping bag. One way to combat this is to either place a sleeping pad in your hammock or pick up an underquilt.

Sleeping pads are great but in hammocks, you will be prone to slipping off of them. Therefore an underquilt is a much better solution.

Underquilts hang on the underside of your hammock and are insulated. Because they hang on the outside you won’t have to worry about crushing the insulation in the underquilt.

Rain Tarp

Because you won’t have a tent with you you’ll need some type of shelter if the weather takes a turn for the worse. Larger tarps will provide better coverage and a multiple number of configurations.

Being able to configure your tarp in various ways allows you to set up your shelter to allow you to block out wind and rain no matter where it comes from.

Wrapping Up

Camping on the ground or in a tent can be quite uncomfortable and a tiresome process. You have to search for an area to set up, clear the area, spend 20 minutes setting up, and then there’s the whole process of tearing down.

Quite a lot of work when you’re trying to get away from it all if you ask me.

The solution? Hammock camping.

Get yourself a hammock and be ready to go in just a few minutes. No more laying on sharp rocks or roots. No more looking for the perfect place to set up camp. Want to camp by the lake? Find two trees and string up your hammock.

Simple. Just like camping should be.

If you’re skeptical about hammock camping I recommend picking up either the Bear Butt Double or the Grand Trunk Ultralight to get started.

Both of these hammocks are perfectly suited for the beginning hammock camper and won’t break the bank if you decide hammock camping isn’t for you.

If you found this article helpful be sure to share it with friends and family so they too can start hammock camping.

As always thanks for reading and remember...Adventure is waiting.

All of my life has been focused on the outdoors. From the days of fishing with my father when I was young, to learning more advanced outdoor skills through the Boy Scouts of America; you could say the outdoors is pretty much my life blood. I enjoy a wide range of activities including camping, survival, fishing, hunting, and bushcraft. I have spent most of my life learning these skills and now I want to pass on my knowledge and hopefully learn even more in return.


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