Our Story

I learned a long time ago that the best piece of gear is free. That gear is your brain. 

The great Mors Kochanski puts it into terms we can better understand: "The more you know, the less you carry". With the right knowledge, the right skill sets, you can make any tool you could possibly need to hunt, fish, build shelters, and endless other wilderness tasks. All without carrying a single ounce of gear (if you desired).

Of course, this is no easy accomplishment. There are however, many things you can learn, things you can do, to reduce the amount of gear you need or rely upon. I'm not just talking about survival skills (although that is included). I'm talking about everything from hunting, to fishing, to camping, or any other outdoor activity a woodman could enjoy.

At Woodland Gear we show you that you don't need a big price tag to have a good time. We teach you the basic skills you need to get out there and get the job done with as little cost to you as possible. Whether it be goose hunting, bass fishing, survival or numerous other outdoor activities, we help woodmen new and old see through the clutter of the internet and show them what the true basics are.