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Best backpacking stove 2018

Best Backpacking Stove In 2018

Strictly speaking as a person that has tried several camping stoves over my lifetime, I can tell you picking a good backpacking stove is...
Budget outdoorsman kit

Build An Outdoorsman Kit On A Budget

When it comes to getting started in an hobby, the starting costs can often seem expensive and a sort of turn off. In a...
Top 8 outdoor knives under $50

9 Outdoor Knives Under $60

If there is one thing any outdoorsman loves, it's knives. What's even better than a knife? An affordable quality knife. We have gathered 9 of our...
A tent sits alone in the wilderness for camping

8 Reasons Why Camping Is Awesome

        Camping is one of the best pastimes you can participate in. It wasn't long ago that camping was more than...
Snow Peak Kettle Number 1

Gear Review: Snow Peak Kettle No.1

        The Snow Peak Kettle no.1 is a pretty spiffy little cooking pot. It has folding handles, a bail to hang it...
Cohlan 8770 Pack Grill

Gear Review: Coghlan 8770 Pack Grill

        In this week's video we talk about the Coghlan 8770 pack grill. You can pick these little grills up for about...
Quest daypack

Gear Review: Quest Daypack

  This is a great budget friendly little day pack. It comes in at about $25 at your local Walmart and also comes with a...
UGO Grilliput pack grill

Gear Review: UCO Grillput Pack Grill

The concept behind this little grill is pretty awesome. There are only two things I wish were different on this pack grill: 1) putting...
How to make pine pitch glue

How To: Make Simple Pine Pitch Glue

  The pine tree is known by many names. One of which is the super market of the forest, and for good reason! Today we...
Wood bowie featured image

Gear Review: Mossy Oak Wood Bowie

This bowie knife really ended up surprising me. I thought this was going to be another lame duck survival/bushcraft bowie knife type of deal,...