5 best deer hunting tips

       We’ve all heard of one or two special tips or techniques to do before a big hunt, on a big hunt, etc... For many of us habits have become almost ritualistic when hunting. The big question is: Do they really work? We’re gonna take a look at a few here today and see if there is any truth behind these tricks or if they’re just a waste of time.  


Take A Smoke Bath

      I recently heard a hunting story about a guy who went on an overnight hunting trip. When the guy emerged out of his tent that morning all the others hunters were huddled around the fire. One of the other hunters yelled over to him “Hey! Come take your smoke bath unless you want the deer to smell you!”.

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      Well it turns out the guy didn’t join them in their smoke bath. Do you know what happened? He was the only one to come home with a buck that evening. Coincidence? Maybe, but there are other things to take into consideration here. One being the smell of smoke or fire is an alarm for many animals to flee from wildfires. Another thing to consider is a deer can smell 7 different smells at the same time. So whether you douse yourself in smoke or not, they’re gonna smell what’s under that smoke as well.

      Lesson learned? Cover scents are practically useless by themselves.


Leave Your Clothes Outside

      This tip resides around the notion of leaving your hunting clothes outside to “air out” before the big hunt. This one can be a double edged sword. Yes, it can work, but it’s effectiveness depends on how well you implement it.

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      Leaving your clothes out just overnight won’t really do much at all. Like a bloodhound, deer will smell your residual oils and bacterial left on your clothes. What I actually recommend is taking your clothes and mixing them into a large contractor style garbage bag full of crushed leaves and plants. Some of you may already do something similar, but what you may forget is to make sure the plants and leaves you are using are local to the area you hunt. If a deer gets a whiff of an unfamiliar plant it could send up a red flag.

      Another thing you need to do with them is leave them in that bag for at least two weeks. This will give the dry leaves and plant matter time to absorb your smells, allow your bacterial smell to die off, and impregnate your clothes with that good wholesome earthy scent. Its odor neutralizer and cover scent all in one.

      Also be sure to put all your hunting gear you’re gonna take along in a similar bag in the same fashion. Not much good to descent your clothes if you’re not gonna do the same to your backpack.

      What does this tip teach us? We don’t have to rely on expensive sprays and scents to conceal our odors in the woods.


Urinate Into a Scrape

      This tip suggests that if you urinate into an active deer scrape (or possibly make your own mock scrape) that a buck will think its another deer invading his territory and revisit the scrape more often to “freshen it up”.

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      This one is actually mostly true. While the bucks know it’s not another deer using their scrape, they are naturally inquisitive. Deer biologists claim that most deer don’t associate the scent of our urine with humans and will investigate it when exposed to it.

      What can we learn from this? The next time you come across a scrape and don’t have any deer urine on hand, try urinating on it. You’ll be surprised by the results.



Deer Rarely Look Up

      This tip implies that it's much better to hunt from trees tands and elevated positions because deer tend not to look up very often, if at all.

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      This is a big myth. Especially among older hunters who remember things from “back in the day”. This myth used to have some merit to it, but decades of hunting from treestands have actually taught the deer to look up more often. Even more so if you’re hunting in mountain lion country (for obvious reasons). Many hunters can tell you stories of how they were skylined when hunting (deer spotting your dark silhouette against the sky) and had their hunt ruined from it.

      Lesson learned from this myth is deer do look up, and more often that you think. Make sure you’re in a position where you won’t be skylined and your silhouette is broken up and this shouldn’t be a problem.


Deer Are Color Blind

      This tip implies that deer can’t see color, that they only see shades of greys. Meaning color of clothes when hunting in not of great importance.

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      This is actually a myth that is almost true. Deer can see color, but not like we do. Deer are actually red/green color blind. Any reds, oranges, or warm green colors are perceived as muted greys. This also means that deer can see blues and purples, and very well. If you can imagine it, pretend you can’t see reds or greens. Now pretend there is a hunter wearing a red flannel shirt and blue jeans 100yds away. To a deer, almost everything in those woods is going to look like varying shades of gray….except those jeans. They’re gonna shine like a beacon as the only thing with color in that thicket of brush.

      What can we take away from this? Try to avoid wearing blues and purples. Deer can see them very well in a muted grey forest. On the plus side, this also means your orange safety vest and hat are essentially invisible to the deer as well.


      Not every tip we hear is the god's honest truth. Some of them may actually be based on truth at one point, but human interaction with deer is quickly teaching them new behaviors and giving them a learning curve.

      The next time you hear of a cool hunting tip, don’t just assume it’s true. Stop to think about what we know about deer and what their reaction would be. If you’re in doubt, test the tip in the off season to see how the deer react.


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