In this week's video we talk about the Coghlan 8770 pack grill. You can pick these little grills up for about five bucks on Amazon if you so choose. They are fairly light (less than half of a pound) and fold completely flat for easy storage. They perform about as well as you'd expect for a five dollar pack grill. The chrome plating fades after a few uses, bars become overheated and start to droop, and eventually you'll need to carry cooking spray because if you were to grill on it after the chrome plating is worn off, everything under the sun is going to stick to it like crazy.


        Now with all that negativity you are probably asking yourselves right now "what's the point then?", well I'll tell you...


  1. It's freaking five dollars!

    • At that price you an afford to replace it monthly if you wanted. Buy one for the boat, one for the car, and one for you backpack and you'll be golden. 
  2. Pairs great with cookware.

    • While food may stick to the physical bars on the grill after a while, the grill itself still works great when you set a pot or pan on top of it to keep it out of the fire (this is what I mostly use mine for).
  3. Works fine with coals.

    • By this I mean grilling the way you are supposed to...using hot coals and embers instead of flames. Most people don't do this and build fires and the instant they see nice large flames they throw their food on. WRONG! Throw some decent size branches on the fire, allow it to burn down a bit and cook over the hot coals. You will get a much more even cooking surface, less burnt food, and extend the life of your equipment.  
  4. It's freaking five dollars!!!

    • There's not a whole lot of useful gear out there that does what it's designed to do at five dollars. Buy it, take care of it, use it properly and you won't regret it.



        There are 4 solid reasons (ok fine, 3 reasons) to pick this cheap, practically disposable pack grill for your next outing. Sure it's going to rust eventually, and sure it's going to fail when used improperly, but for five bucks who cares! Bottom line is that if you use it properly, store it properly, and maintain it properly it will last far longer than you think.


        Be sure to check back regularly for new how-to and gear review posts and videos. Thanks for stopping by and remember, waiting.

~The WG Team



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