Hunting Gear

There’s a lot of pressure and hype in the hunting universe. It’s designed to make you feel like every piece of hunting gear you see on TV is a dire necessity in order to be successful. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

Here we’ll cut through all the marketing hype and get down to bare bones minimum. We’ll show you how to hunt successfully without price burden.

Hunting Gear Articles

Gear Review: Condor Bushlore Knife

Now that the weather has turned cold, it’s time to build fires more frequently while out on my weekly excursions into the woods. While...
Best recurve bow for hunting

Best Recurve Bow In 2018

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say: That buying a good recurve bow can be confusing. There’s various terminology such as risers, draw weight...
Best hunting backpack featured image

How To Choose The Best Hunting Backpack For You

The premise of a backpack is simple, carry more stuff more comfortably than carrying it in your arms. When it comes to choosing the...

Hatfield SGL Survival/Pack Gun Modification

        Recently I bought one of the cheap $99 single shot shotguns from good ol' wally world. That shotgun was the...
Pick a survival knife

Survival and Bushcraft Knives How To Pick one

A debate that’s old as time itself it seems. How do you pick the best survival knife? What is the best survival knife? According...
Header image for 5 essential items every hunter should carry

5 Essential Items Every Hunter Should Have

Every year hunters go into the woods in search of adventure and food to feed their families. However, life is cruel and sometimes you...

Gear Review: Buck 546 Open Season Skinner

          This week we take a look at the Buck 546 Open Season Skinner. This is quite an attractive knife. At first...

Gear Review: Hatfield 12ga Single Shot Shotgun

        In this week's video we take a look at the Hatfield SGL 12ga single shot shotgun. I've always been a fan...

Gear Review: Gerber Freeman Guide

        In this video we take a look at a solid little hunting knife, the Gerber Freeman Guide. This is the fixed...

Gear Review: Quest Daypack

  This is a great budget friendly little day pack. It comes in at about $25 at your local Walmart and also comes with a...